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Retro Gaming Resurgence: The Nostalgia Factor

The general opinion of the world is that newer is better. So, it might be a surprise to see that retro gaming has had a massive resurgence over the past decade. From casinos to popular video games, retro gaming is one of the most exciting ways to play with millions of sales and spins. Nostalgia is one of the most impactful influences in this category.

If you’re interested in learning more about the resurgence of retro gaming and the triumph of nostalgia, you’re in the right place. The more you know about retro gaming and why people flock to the past, the easier it will be to understand why there is such a demand. Read on to dive into the details of this unique and exciting rise to stardom for old games.

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Is Retro Gaming Making a Comeback?

Retro gaming is making a comeback in full force, though it’s been on the rise for a long time. Digital classics like Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. are just two examples of popular games from the past that have made themselves a prominent part of the gaming world, from the popular Pac-Man game at the MGM Casino to the newest Mario Wonder video game. 

There has also been an increase in art styles closely resembling that of older games. From slot machine designs to the art seen in video games like Undertale, it’s obvious there is a demand for modern technology that calls on the past. 

Retro gaming is making a comeback. But why? Nostalgia is one of the biggest influences in this area and is more complicated than it might initially seem. 

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Why Do People Like Nostalgia?

Nostalgia is the surprise factor in gaming, allowing retro systems to compete with new and advanced systems like the PlayStation 5. It’s made an incredible impact on the community as a whole - but what is it that makes people like nostalgia? There’s more to it than a simple love of the years gone by, though that is a big part of it. 

Let’s talk more about why people like nostalgia. From how it allows individuals to reminisce on the past to the unique design only retro art can capture, many factors draw people to the past when considering gaming options. We’ll likely see more of it as the years go on and more long for the cozy feeling of nostalgia.


It’s easy to sink into the feeling of the past. It’s a gentle, comfortable sensation that happens whenever we come in contact with something from our younger years. Playing retro games, even in the adult setting of somewhere like a casino, feels like using a time machine to jump back into a moment when life was much less complex.

There are some dopamine triggers linked here, too. For instance, seeing a Mario game might remind the individual of when they beat Bowser and saved Princess Peach. Seeing Pac-Man might invoke the thrill of the chase or when they got the ultimate high score. It’s easy to fall in love with retro gaming. 

One study shows that nostalgia is rewarding for our brains, as it triggers memories and the reward system simultaneously. Thinking back on the past isn’t just a comfort - it’s also beneficial for the mind. It’s a treat.


Modern games and technologies are popular, but there is no doubt they are far more complex than the simpler games of the past. Rather than operating a simple yellow circle to eat ghosts and dots, players experience complex storylines and topics. Even in many casino games, the modern graphics and designs can be too much.

The simplicity of retro gaming appeals to those who want to relax. They are an escape from the modern climate and a gateway to a more enjoyable gaming experience at any moment in life.

One study reveals that nostalgia might improve happiness through nostalgic recollections, which is more necessary than ever in a time when human beings are exposed to every single event through the news and social media. Our brains tend to crave things that bring joy on demand.

Old and New Generational Appeal

The unique thing about retro gaming is that it can appeal to a younger and older audience. Some games span many years, impacting the childhoods of teenagers and grandparents alike. 

Simultaneously, retro gaming allows the younger generation that hasn’t played the games before to experience the same emotions the older generations did when they played for the first time. There is a unique sense of connection and community that can be fostered through retro gaming.

There’s something unique about the levels of appeal retro gaming holds. There will always be something more eye-catching about Mario Bros. than even the most complex modern production.

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Unique Design

Finally, the unique design of retro gaming helps increase its popularity. Not only does it stand out from modern designs, but it also automatically draws the eye. This is particularly true in the casino setting, where machines with retro gaming influences tend to draw a large crowd largely based on the nostalgia factor.

There is a charm that hyper-realism will never be able to capture, something that contrasts and compliments it incredibly. The design of retro games has also influenced newer indie games, such as the popular Cuphead game or the tremendously popular Undertale.

Retro gaming is making a comeback, pushing to the top with newer technologies thanks to a valuable dose of nostalgia gamers tend to associate with classics like Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, and Spyro. The human mind is triggered to seek nostalgia, so it makes sense that it continues to thrive in an increasingly complex world. 

We hope this information was helpful! It might seem strange that retro gaming is rising with so many modern competitors, but nostalgia is a powerful force in the human mind. From allowing people to think about the past fondly to providing appeal to all generations, retro ensures something for everyone. 

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