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15 Things to Do on Christmas Day

So, it’s Christmas (either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day), and you are bored of your family and want to do something. But what can you do when everything is closed?

Despite what you may think, there are actually several businesses open on the holidays (yes, even Christmas), which you can enjoy when family time gets to be too much. Or, if you aren’t religious, these activities can keep you busy while everyone else celebrates!

Without further ado, here are 15 things you can do on Christmas!

15 Things To Do on Christmas

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1. Go to a Casino

Surprise, surprise, but casinos usually don’t close for Christmas. We say usually because some casinos in smaller towns do close, but in larger cities like Las Vegas you can head to the casino to gamble, drink, or eat and enjoy the holidays with others who are out.

If you don’t live in a city with casinos, don’t despair, as most online casinos are also open during the holidays. Head over to to enjoy slots, plinko, and more. If your family wants to get in on the action, there is also Bit.Rocket which is a game you can bet on together!

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2. Go to the Movies

Most movie theaters are surprisingly open during the Christmas holidays. While you should always check in advance, there is likely something to see at the local theater on Christmas Day.

You’ll want to buy tickets in advance, though, as you aren’t the only one with this idea, and many movies will sell out.

3. Go For a Walk

Yeah, we know getting up off the couch doesn’t seem appealing, but what better time to see all the Christmas lights in your neighborhood! You can go in the afternoon when it's warmer and enjoy the fresh air or wait until after dark (only 5 pm this time of year) and enjoy all the beautiful lights.

4. Go Out to Eat

While most restaurants will be closed, there are several near you that will likely remain open—usually the more ethnic restaurants from places that don’t celebrate Christian holidays. The most obvious examples are Asian restaurants, but you might just find that the corner Lebanese place is also open for a nice warm meal on Christmas!

5. Go Ice Skating

If you live far enough north (think Minnesota or Canada), you can likely head ice skating if the local pond has frozen over. Of course, you’ll want to check any reports in the area first to ensure the ice is thick enough that you can do so safely.

Even if you don’t live up north, many outdoor ice rinks are open for the holidays, like those in NYC and Chicago. So, grab your skates and spend your holiday on ice!

6. Play Board Games

If leaving the house doesn’t sound like fun, then consider playing board games with friends and family. Especially if you have games that need more players than are usually in your household!

Hopefully someone has received one for Christmas that you can break open! If not, grab a deck of cards and research some fun new game rules online.

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7. Go See a Show

You might think we are kidding, but many famous shows perform on Christmas Day, such as the Rockettes in NYC. Take a look at your area and see if there might be any fun shows to see for the holiday! Broadway in NYC is notorious for featuring numerous shows on Christmas Day.

8. Visit a Museum

There are actually several museums that are open on Christmas Day, usually those which are run by individuals of another religion. The most famous are the Jewish Museum in NYC and Madam Tussauds wax museums, which are available in various cities across the globe. Some of these do have shortened hours, however, so you’ll want to double-check before you load up in the car.

9. Go to Chinatown

If your city has a Chinatown, it's likely that it features several businesses that are open on Christmas Day. Whether you want to eat, shop, or even look for something to do, like an escape room, you will likely find it available (and open) in Chinatown.

10. Go Bowling

Many bowling alleys are open on Christmas Day, so you and your family can go eat and try your hand at knocking over pins! Be aware that you aren’t the only one with this idea, however, so you’ll need to be prepared to wait for a lane or book in advance to ensure there is space for your whole family!

11. Meow Wolf

A new experience that has popped up in several cities around the US, Meow Wolf is a bar, escape room, and arcade all in one. Most locations should be open on Christmas Day but check the hours for the one near you before you head over.

12. Go to the Zoo

Animals don’t know what Christmas is, and as a result, December 25th is just another day for them. Because most zoo animals need care daily, the staff will be working even on Christmas. While you’ll want to check hours and availability in advance, there is a large chance the zoo near you is open for visitors on Christmas Day.

13. Visit a Bar/Lounge

Several bars and lounges open the evening of Christmas Day, probably because they know people get antsy and they don’t want to miss out on income! Check your local lounges to see if yours will be open for business on Christmas Day.

14. Go to the Beach

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere like Miami or Fort Lauderdale, then don’t forget that the beach is open to you this Christmas Day. While it might not be warm enough to swim, you can still chill on the sand or walk along the waves to kill some time.

15. Check Out Outdoor Markets

Some outdoor markets remain open on Christmas Day, especially those that are Christmas-themed. If you live near a big one, like the Public Market in Seattle, then head on over to see what stalls are open! Just be aware that some stalls may be closed, and others may be operating under irregular hours.

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