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The Best Casinos to Visit for New Years

New Year is one of the most exciting times to be out and about - especially if you’re in a casino. From exciting performers to thrilling parties, there are a million different places to visit from coast to coast. It’s one night, and there are many casinos - which are the best casino locations to go to for an incredible New Years’ experience?

If you’re interested in learning more about the best casinos to visit in Las Vegas, you’ve come to the right place. The more you know about some of the top places in the country, the easier it will be to determine the best pick for your life. Keep reading to learn more about five of our favorite picks, stretching from Atlantic City to Las Vegas.

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Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas is one of the most exciting, beautiful places to spend the new year. If you decide to head to Atlantis, you’ll get to participate in the New Year’s Eve Party Like A Royal with host Neil Patrick Harris and special guest DJ Timbaland. You can party like the year is never going to end with famous artists.

The party at the Atlantic Casino includes:

      Fireworks by Grucci

      Performance by Timbaland

      Special surprise guest performance

      Kids zone

      The casino is open all night long.

Atlantic offers an open bar event and exhilarating entertainment that won’t stop until the new year rings around. You can dance, party, and let loose on the deck of the Royal - Atlantis’s centerpiece hotel. 

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Caesars Palace Atlantic City

Next on our list is Caesars Palace Atlantic City. If you want to ring in the new year Caesars Style, consider joining the Wildest NYE Bash at their casino in Atlantic City. They host performances, food, drinks, and more for an incredible time.

Here are some features available:

      Performances from artists like Goodman Fiske and DJ Aiden Scott

      $50 open bar

      Enjoy table games and slot machines in the nearby casino.

This party is right at the Mountain Bar in Caesars Palace.

Caesars Palace Atlantic City is known for being busy on New Year's, which means if you’re a person who enjoys being around large crowds, it’s the place to be. You can also continue to enjoy the regular amenities at the casino and enjoy the food, which means you’ll get more than your fill during the New Year.

The Venetian Las Vegas

If you’re more in the mood to celebrate New Year’s in Las Vegas style, check out the events hosted by the Venetian. This iconic hotel offers an incredible Las Vegas celebration of the new year, fitting right in with the celebrations in the city. Not only do they have some great things to do, but they are also a fantastic place to stay to enjoy events on the Strip.

Here are a few things you can do for New Years at the Venetian:

      Eat at restaurants like the Yardbird

      Party at the fancy Prestige

      Use Celebrations planning to craft a perfect party.

      Try your luck on the machines right after midnight! 

The Venetian has a unique central location on the Las Vegas Strip, which means you can access all the fun Las Vegas has in store for visitors throughout the year. You can watch the fireworks at midnight, use noisemakers, wear exciting hats, and even enjoy the excitement of the nightlife. The Venetian is a great casino to celebrate the New Year.

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Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Caesars Palace Atlantic City is fun, but if you’re closer to Las Vegas, you can always attend their New Year's event in the city. They have packages at nearly all their restaurants to ensure you can enjoy your favorite food and also see spectacles and participate in parties along the way.

Here are a few packages you can nab for New Years:

      Enjoy a live DJ and midnight toast at Vanderpump Cocktail Garden

      Make a VIP reservation and enjoy fireworks at Giada

      Use VIP bottle service and a live DJ at the Vista Lounge

      See the fireworks from the strip at midnight

      Game on the machines or at the poker table through the night

Of course, the casino is open and ready for anyone who wants to test their luck heading into the new year. Caesars Palace Las Vegas is an icon of the city, so you’re sure to have an unforgettable time as you gather your favorite people for this thrilling casino New Years’ experience.

Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel and Hard Rock Cafe is another exciting place to celebrate New Year’s. You can enjoy entry into the new year like a rockstar and spend three hours with guests 21 years and older partying the night away. The doors open at 8:30 and go all the way until midnight.

(There are other Hard Rock locations across the United States, check online to see if the one near you is offering a special New Year’s Eve celebration)

Here are a few of the things you can do at the Hard Rock Hotel New Year’s Celebration:

      Enjoy a Live Party Band

      Utilize an Open Bar Package

      Use food stations with Chef-Prepared appetizers

      Drink a champagne toast at midnight

The Hard Rock Hotel offers a unique atmosphere where you can live it up and dive into the new year with a high level of excitement. Also, the casino and all its amenities are open to ensure you get the most out of your experience

Although there are many exciting casinos on New Year's, we recommend sticking with these five for an incredible experience. Atlantis, Caesars Palace in Atlantic City and Vegas, the Venetian, and the Hard Rock Hotel are all excellent choices to enjoy wild entertainment, good food, and exciting gambling opportunities. 

Of course, if you would rather not leave your home to deal with the New Year’s Eve crowd, you can enjoy gaming at right from the comfort of your home. While there won’t be drinks provided, you can grab a bottle of your own and toast the near year with a fun slot game or a round of Bit.Rocket

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