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5 Ways to Invest Your Gambling Winnings

If you have been gambling for a while, you probably have a good amount of money stored up. Have you often wondered what you should do with that money, other than spend it? Many people have wondered how they can actually get started with investing their gambling winnings.

When looking for ways to invest your gambling winnings, it is important to explore the many options that are available. Depending on whether you want to be an aggressive or passive investor, you will find an option that works for you.

Since the ways to invest are so different, you will want to spend a good amount of time learning about all the options available. Keep reading to discover five ways you can invest your gambling winnings that you may not have thought about.


Invest in the House Bankroll

When it comes to your gambling winnings, many people say the safest place to invest it is to put it back into the house bankroll of the platform you are gaming on. This is because, by doing this, you are sharing the profits and losses alongside a company that you are actively giving your money to. This means that when the company earns a profit, so do you. But it also means if the company takes a loss, you do as well.

Although this can be beneficial, there are some important things to consider. You should make sure you are gambling with a trustworthy company that has a great reputation. As with most things, when you are dealing with your own money you will want to take great precautions to ensure you are reaping the benefits and protecting your assets.

As you are considering the possibilities of what to do with your gambling winnings, you will need to make sure this option is available to you. There are many companies that do not offer this as a choice. Here at MintDice, investing back into the house roll is something that is offered and encouraged for all gamblers on the site.

Keep in mind that with any type of gambling, there are also many risks involved. This is especially true when it comes to investing back into the house bankroll. You will want to ensure the site is not only reputable but that they also take great security measures when it comes to your investment.

Purchase Stock From Companies Who Have Interests in Cryptocurrency

Many people looking to invest their gambling winnings inquire into companies that are currently investing in cryptocurrency. Many of these companies are trustworthy businesses that have reputations that are beyond reproach. Because of this, investors feel confident that their money is being placed in the best possible position for growth.

Companies such as Microsoft, PayPal, Expedia, and AT&T are among some of the few that currently invest in cryptocurrency. With names as big as these, and many others not listed, investors have the opportunity to take advantage of stocks that will most likely continue to soar.

Although cryptocurrency is not at the forefront of these companies, investors can benefit from knowing that they have put their winnings in a place that will allow them to see growth. It may seem more of a traditional route, however, if cryptocurrency continues to become more popular, companies such as these will benefit, and so will you.

It is important to note that while investing in popular, trustworthy companies is favorable for you, there is also a level of risk involved. When the company is doing well, your stock portfolio will as well. At the same time, if the company hits a slump, your investment will also.


Use Your Winnings to Purchase Popular Cryptocurrencies

Investment experts stress the importance of diversification when it comes to investing. This means that investing your money in a variety of ways is a better way to ensure you are growing your money with less risk. One of the ways you can invest your gambling winnings is to purchase cryptocurrency coins through exchanges that have a good reputation.

Many exchanges such as Coinbase and Gemini are well-known, reputable companies that offer a wide variety of coins to choose from. While these are two of the most popular exchanges, you will still want to do your research so you can make the best investment choices that fit your needs. Not all coins are created equal, and you definitely should not invest in the first coin you see (unless it’s Bitcoin!)

While investing in these popular coins can be a great investment, you will need to be aware of the risks involved. Working with trustworthy exchanges, such as Coinbase, can help to reduce the risk of scams that can occur. Since regulations do not yet exist in this area, it is important to do your homework before investing as there have been many incidents of hacks when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Invest in Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

Another way you can invest your gambling winnings is to purchase Gold-backed cryptocurrencies. These are usually stablecoin cryptocurrencies that are backed with actual gold. Since the price of the coin is tied directly to the current price of gold, there is less risk in this type of investment than in some other forms of cryptocurrency investments. And you'll still be investing in the oldest currency known to man, gold, without having to carry around and store heavy bars of the precious metal.

Most Gold-backed cryptocurrencies can be purchased either through the same exchanges as other coins, or from a specific creator. As with any other type of investment, you will want to ensure you are working with a reputable company and exchange before you buy.


Store Your Winnings in Financial App Stocks/Bonds

If you have been on any type of social media platform lately, you probably have seen ads about financial apps you should get to help you start investing. Many of these ads are legitimate ways to take your gambling winnings and get it working for you.

Whether you are interested in investing in company stocks or bonds, many of these companies have options for you. Depending on what your interests are and what your long-term goals are, these financial apps are worth looking into.

With so many options out there, you will need to do some digging to find the one that works for you. If you are just getting started with investing, an app like Invstr may be just what you need. This app provides you with not only ways to invest, but also education on the best ways to get your money to work for you.

Of course, if you are looking for something with a little bit more, then Robinhood may be the app for you. Many people have seen the ads for this site that help people invest their money in company stocks. But did you know that on the Robinhood app you can also invest in ETFs and cryptocurrency? This makes it a reasonable place to start for investors that are interested in both types of investments.


Overall, there are many choices available for you to invest your gambling winnings. Choosing one or more options should fit into the long-term monetary goals you have for yourself. It is important to remember that, as with gambling, investing is a risk, so you should only invest money you may be willing to part with.

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