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9 Ways to Keep Cool in Vegas if You Don't Gamble

Las Vegas is a thrilling place, famous for its casinos and the seemingly thousands of ways to gamble. However, not everyone gambles. While it might seem like that’s a reason to avoid Vegas, that isn’t the case. Even in the heat, there are significant ways to stay cool and have fun without setting foot on the casino floor.

While gambling might be one of the most exciting things to do in Las Vegas, there are ample other options if you want to take a break or do something with smaller children. There are thrilling choices for every budget. Keep reading to learn more about the nine top ways to enjoy Vegas, even if you aren’t a famed gambler.

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1. Play Mini Golf

One of the best ways to keep cool in Las Vegas is by playing mini golf. Since it’s Vegas, you’ll find some of the most well-themed, exciting mini-golf courses.

Some of the best include the following:

      Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf

      KISS World featuring KISS Mini Golf


Each offers a different theme to enjoy. Whether you want to be taken to another dimension in the Twilight Zone or transported to the world of rock and roll, Vegas has it all. Plus, it’s kid-friendly if you have your family with you.

2. Check Out Arcades

If mini golf isn’t your thing, try playing on arcade machines. It’s like a more low-key version of gambling that doesn’t end in tons of lost money.

Popular venues in Las Vegas include the following:

      Game Nest Arcade

      The Claw

      Pick Me Claw Arcade

These have a variety of machines and decor. Arcades are kid-friendly and still over the lights and pizzazz Vegas is known for. You can play action, adventure, traditional claws, and more.

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3. Visit Hall of Fames

If there’s one thing Vegas has plenty of, it’s hall of fames. Check some out for an exciting day of fun in the air conditioning and a day of learning more than you ever have before.

Popular hall-of-fame options include the Burlesque Hall of Fame, Pinball Hall of Fame, and the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame. You can explore them all or spread them out over several days.

4. Enjoy Indoor Playgrounds

It’s way too hot to access outside playgrounds in Vegas, but there are ample indoor options. These provide all the excitement of a playground without the risk of burning your or your kiddo’s hands.

Popular indoor playgrounds include the following:

      Kinderland Indoor Play and Cafe

      Wally Wombats

      Kidstopia Las Vegas Indoor Playground

There’s room for everyone at these adventure spots. Often at indoor playgrounds, there are coffee shops and cafes for adults to enjoy while children play. There are significant options to enjoy, whether you’re an adult or a child.

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5. Sightsee at a Wax Museum

If you’ve never been able to see celebrities in real life, you can have fun in the air conditioning seeing wax versions of them at the iconic Madame Tussaud’s. It’s a tourist attraction packed with iconic photo ops. 

This wax museum is also attached to The Venetian, so you can explore the unique venue right after snapping photos with celebrity images. There’s also a bar and games to enjoy for additional hours in the air conditioning. 

Don’t forget that the famous Mob Museum is also located in Las Vegas and is fun to enjoy on a hot day.

6. Chill in Hotel Lobbies

One of the best things about hotels in Las Vegas is the casinos, but there’s more to these locations than the gambling spots. If you don’t want to gamble, you can still enjoy the front of the hotels and check out all the decor.

Plus, there are often fancy restaurants right inside the front area of icons of the Las Vegas strip. Grab a bite to eat and enjoy the sites without losing money on the gambling floor. 

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7. Play on Splash Pads

Yes, the Las Vegas Strip is iconic, but what if you want to stay cool with your children or yourself? In that case, you can have fun on one of many splash pads in various city parks. They are one of the most popular things to do for locals.

Splash pads exist in locations like:

      All-American Park

      Bruce Trent Park

      Estelle Neal Park

      Rainbow Family Park

It’s easy to spend hours at the splash pads. They’re also attached to parks, so you can bring a picnic, find a shaded tree spot, and make an entire day out of it.

8. Investigate AREA15

If you’re into immersive experiences, consider heading to the iconic AREA15. Here, you’ll find a mysterious building packed with tons of things to do and plenty of air conditioning. It might cost more than some of these other suggestions, but it’s worth it.

Top items in AREA15 include AR Dodgeball, Dueling Axes, Laser Mazes, and the iconic Meow Wolf Omega Mart. You can spend all day here exploring various experiences and heading to a whole new world.

9. Jump at Trampoline Parks

Our final suggestion for keeping cool in Vegas without gambling is to jump around at trampoline parks. You’ll get a good workout, have fun, and remain cool all at the same time.

Some of the best trampoline parks in Vegas include the following:

      Sky Zone


      Flip N Out Xtreme

The best part about trampoline parks is that they work well for people of all ages. Adults can have as much fun hopping around as younger children, and everyone will stay out of the blazing Vegas sun.

Final Thoughts

You can still go to Vegas and remain cool without hitting the casino floor. Whether you want to run on a splash pad with your kiddos or play the day away at AREA15, these selections will keep you out of the sun and ensure fun, even without gambling. 

We hope this information was valuable! There are plenty of things to do in Vegas besides gambling, and most options have air conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable. Experience Vegas your way.

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