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Kakegurui Gambling Anime - Betting Strategies

Kakegurui Manga & Gambling Anime

Kakegurui (Compulsive Gambler) is all about the thrill of gambling. Taking place at the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy, the children of wealthy and powerful families are taught life-skills in the form of gambling, as it is proposed that bluffing and strategy will be more important in their future lives and careers than traditional school subjects. While it takes place in a school, don’t be fooled by thinking the stakes are simple, these students often put their lives on the line all for the gamble. For those who love the manga, the anime series on Netflix is accurately re-made and well worth a watch.

The focus of each episode or book often introduces a new game and the rules of how it is played. It will then cover the strategies one might be able to use to turn the game to a player’s advantage. During the course of the game, Yumeko Jabami will use her Sherlock-like skills to sleuth out the cheating methods that her opponents may be using to understand how she can play the game to her advantage, often making her opponents realize that the game is no longer fixed to their advantage -- raising the stakes and adrenaline of the game.

Betting Strategies in Games of Chance

While the games are creative and fun in Kakegurui, what are the strategies that one can employ in traditional games? While you might be familiar with skills involved in playing poker or blackjack, how do you make a game of chance go your way? Here at MintDice we have a betting strategy guide that goes over strategies you can try and play around with. Generally there are two classes of games, ones where you can choose the outcome of probabilities (like dice, where you can choose a 2x or 10x payout depending on the odds you select) or games where you can’t (like slots, where the payout is already predetermined by the game). This aspect usually decides what strategies you can go with and we suggest you check out our guide to learn more! Like in Kakegurui, it is fun not only to play games, but to understand how they work and what strategies you can employ to see if you can win big (and unlike in Kakegurui, our games are Provably Fair). We’ve got a faucet that provides play money (FRD) or free bitcoin so that you can practice what you learn.

In many of the games of Kakegurui, you are not able to select the outcome of probabilities since the games have preset rules and odds and instead we wait to see which student is able to bluff their way to success or how the turn of a card will determine someone’s fate. With games like these, the strategy is often much simpler -- you can choose to either play it safe and have smaller payouts, or play riskier games for the chance of lottery-size payouts. But as the students of the academy agree, you first have to gamble if you want to win.


Finding Fair Games to Play

As you watch Yumeko gamble against the student council members as the series progresses, you are often left wondering (and as Ryota ponders), why would anyone gamble if you knew your opponents were cheating? In the case of Yumeko Jabami, with her Sherlock-level powers of observation and analysis, she finds it adds to the excitement of the game. As a compulsive gambler, the students around her find she isn’t in it to win money, but to experience the thrill of the gamble.

While cheating in Hyakkaou Private Academy may be common place, we don’t all have the super-human powers of observation and gaming that Yumeko does. While we can certainly understand the excitement of a game as the stakes get raised higher and higher, in real-life situations it might be hard to take pleasure in a game that you know to be unfair. So how do you find fair places to gamble? Two of the benefits of online bitcoin casinos is that 1) they can have a lower house edge (MintDice’s house edge is currently 1-2% compared to a regular casino which could be about 5-10%) and 2) they can provide provably fair games (which we do here are MintDice).

Games for Game Lovers and Risk Takers

Like Kakegurui, MintDice is set-up by people who love games and designing them. While we have some traditional games like slots, dice, and plinko (which we animated ourselves!), we have also developed Bit.Rocket a skill-based social game that allows you to actually beat the house-edge if you compete against others. We also have several other games in development, such as Pyramid and PowerMint – because we don’t just like gambling, we love games too.

For Kakegurui-lovers, we suggest you give Bit.rocket a try. It is a social betting game and has a similar thrill to what one sees in every episode of Kakegurui of “who will survive?” Get in the rocket before it lifts off and see who will be the last to escape before it explodes. Try using our free play money and give Bit.rocket a try with your friends. If you are ready for more excitement, try our faucet for free bitcoin (free btc) or make a deposit. Compete against friends and other players to see who can survive the longest in the rocket. Enjoy!

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