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The 6 Best Cryptocurrency News Sites

If you have been following for a while, you know that we always recommend staying up to date on cryptocurrency news, whether or not you plan to invest. Cryptocurrency news can help you make informed investing decisions, as well as keep ahead of the scams that run rampant in the crypto industry.

But of course, before you keep up with cryptocurrency news, you must know where to find it. So, take a seat, and let’s dive into some of the best cryptocurrency news sites.

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The Best Crypto News Sites

1. CoinDesk

One of our favorite news sites of all time is CoinDesk. CoinDesk is run by the Bullish Group and is known to abide by strict journalism policies ensuring all the news you receive is unbiased. Bullish Group is owned by which is a company that has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry for a long time.

CoinDesk puts out regular articles with amazing speed. They are also short and to the point, making it easy to keep up with your cryptocurrency news even if you live a busy lifestyle.

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2. CoinTelegraph

After CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph is a close second when it comes to reputable cryptocurrency news websites. CoinTelegraph has an excellent mix of news, opinion pieces, and updates on various platforms. CoinTelegraph is run by a large team of writers from around the world, giving readers a variety of viewpoints.

When compared to CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph is aimed a little more at traders. While you will of course still get general news, it’s important to know that CoinTelegraph puts out lots of other types of media. You may need to sift through some of the article types in order to find the information you are looking for.

The good news is, CoinTelegraph has an amazing search and sort function on their website so if you are looking for articles on a specific topic, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find what you need.

3. is a cryptocurrency news website based in Dubai in the UAE. With a variety of articles on investing, platform updates, and headlining news, it's fairly easy to find out what's going on in the cryptocurrency world on CryptoNews.  

Although CryptoNews doesn’t make the same promises as CoinDesk, they offer lots of news pieces which seem to come from a neutral point of view. With several articles published a day, you can tell that their writers are on top of their game.

One of the reasons we placed CryptoNews third on our list is because their website isn’t the easiest to use, and some of the advertisers they allow look like scams. But as long as you avoid clicking on them, you should be fine.

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4. is another popular cryptocurrency news site putting out several articles a day. While TheBlock is independent, meaning they don’t align their articles with any particular political party or agenda, we find that their articles don’t cover as wide of topics as other sites on this list.

Don’t get us wrong, is amazing if you want to learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or any other widespread cryptocurrencies, but if you are looking for a more obscure coin, you likely won’t find information about it here.

TheBlock also has a premium option, which is geared toward cryptocurrency investors. If you aren’t an investor, there is no need for a pro, but it's nice to have the option.

5. News, which is a cryptocurrency trading platform, also offers a news portion of their website. Here, readers can get information on all the happenings in the cryptocurrency world, from groundbreaking news to platform updates, and more.

While we appreciate the news reports, know that there may be a slight bias because the news is coming from a trading platform that wants users to use their website. This isn’t necessarily bad, but we find the platform a little less objective than CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph.

There aren’t any ads on, which is nice, but we aren’t a huge fan of the format the news comes in. Unlike all of the aforementioned sites, which have an image with every article, those using Binance will have to scroll through a list of article titles only to find what they want to read about.

Binance does keep its articles short and to the point, however, which is nice if you are in a rush!

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6. is run by a small team of individuals who are passionate about financial freedom. While Bitcoin is in the website title, this site covers cryptocurrency news from around the world. The articles are short, informative, and paired with an eye-catching photo.

While we do love the information put out by, it’s important to recognize that they are a cryptocurrency wallet business, and all articles are written with pro-cryptocurrency rhetoric. There isn’t necessarily a problem with it, but we do think that some of the bad aspects of platforms may occasionally get filtered out.

Despite that one downfall, there is still lots of great information on this website—they just don’t put out articles with the frequency of other platforms on the list, which is one of the reasons they come in sixth. So, if you like this website, keep in mind that you might want to sign up for one of the other sites as well in order to get all the cryptocurrency news you need to make informed decisions.

Overall, despite what you may think, there are many good cryptocurrency news websites out there, many of which are a trustworthy way to stay in the know about cryptocurrency. If your favorite news platform didn’t make this list, don’t despair, as they still may be reputable—just not putting out news as quickly as we would like.

Either way, the next time you log on, head to the bottom and select “about us” to find out who is behind your favorite site. This can be far more telling on whether or not you can trust your favorite news source!

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