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How to Learn About Cryptocurrency

As cryptocurrency continues to take the world by storm, many people want to jump in on this new evolution in finance. While crypto is becoming more and more accessible, it can still be difficult and confusing to understand exactly what crypto is and how it works. 

There are plenty of resources out there, and we’ve compiled a short list of ways to gain knowledge on cryptocurrency. If you find yourself wanting to learn more about cryptocurrency, here are some great ways to find information.

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Do a Google Search about Crypto

The first instinct of many people looking to learn about cryptocurrency is to simply google the term, or maybe ask questions about crypto on Google. This can be helpful, but google is also often overwhelming with the amount of information it provides, and finding valuable resources amidst all of the clutter can be difficult.

For starters, if a google search leads you to a website that instantly asks you to buy their expensive product or course regarding cryptocurrency, then this could be a red flag. Some of these programs can be scams with little substance behind their flashy package. Instead, look for websites that offer knowledge and even cite sources. 

Websites like these are often legitimate places with tons of valuable knowledge, especially for beginners. Many large news outlets often have special cryptocurrency sections within their finance divisions. These sections can be a great way to start learning the basics of cryptocurrency. The internet can be an amazing source of information, but only if you know how to utilize it properly. is one company which has a lot of great cryptocurrency knowledge. You can follow thier blog for regular informational updates about the cryptocurrency world, or you can sign up for their email list and receive free cryptocurrency guides.

Read a Book about Crypto

Books can be a way to really absorb information about cryptocurrency. While reading a book might not be the first instinct of someone that wants to learn about crypto, there is an almost unlimited amount of books on the subject. 

Check out your local library to see if they have any books on cryptocurrency. Many libraries have a finance section, so you are likely to find at least a few books on cryptocurrency. Books can be an extremely valuable resource when it comes to learning. However, just like the google search option, figuring out which books are worth your time can be difficult. 

If you really want to make sure that a book is going to be worth the price, you might need to do a little extra research on the author. A simple google search should reveal a great deal about any author of a cryptocurrency book. By checking out their jobs and accomplishments, you should gain a better understanding on if a book might be good for you or not. 

If an author has accomplished certain things in the world of crypto that you want to accomplish, then the book will likely be valuable to you and answer many of your questions. If a google search does not reveal any information on an author, then this is telling as well. In this case, it is very likely that this book is not worth your time, or at least will not be as valuable as a text that has been written by a more accomplished and well-known author.

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Take a Class on Crypto

Online classes are also great resources when it comes to learning about cryptocurrency. While there are countless courses out there that promise to make users a millionaire once they complete it, the best ways to learn about cryptocurrency through courses is by enrolling in classes that cover the basics. 

These are much more likely to provide you with useful information. Many institutions such as Princeton, Duke, and the University of Michigan offer free online courses that discuss aspects of cryptocurrency. These free courses are often much more valuable than any expensive get rich fast course you could find online.

If you decide to take a class about cryptocurrency, definitely utilize your professor as a resource to gain knowledge. They will very likely answer any questions you have and should help you get a better grasp on the world of cryptocurrency.

If you happen to be a college student, you might want to check and see if your university has any courses regarding cryptocurrency. While not every institution offers courses that cover the topic, an increase in the courses has occurred as cryptocurrency becomes more popular.

Speak with a Professional

Having a conversation with someone knowledgeable about cryptocurrency is another great way to gain some information. Speaking directly with someone can at times be more beneficial than reading books or doing google searches, as face to face conversations allow for you to ask questions that you might have not considered before the conversation. 

The best people to talk to are those who work in the crypto industry. Look for people that currently do what you aspire to do with crypto. Websites like LinkedIn can be great ways to find and reach out to crypto professionals. If you find someone that seems interesting to you, feel free to reach out and ask them if they could answer some questions for you. Most people would be happy to chat for a bit, and those that decline are unlikely to do so rudely.

If you decide you want to speak with a professional about cryptocurrency, you should first ensure that this person is actually a professional. Many people in the world will claim to be quite knowledgeable about crypto, but the majority of these people will not have the knowledge or skills to actually help you get into the world of cryptocurrency. They may even be trying to scam you to make a quick buck.

Many of the people who are cryptocurrency “experts” will actually just tell you random snippets of information that they saw on the news or while browsing social media. While this type of information has its place, it might not be very valuable for someone looking to learn about cryptocurrency. In some cases it might even be misleading.

The world of cryptocurrency can be a confusing one, and it might seem daunting to dive headfirst into it. However, if you utilize the resources listed out above, you should be able to learn all about cryptocurrency in no time.

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