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The 10 Best Podcasts About Gambling (2024)

Are you working to become a professional gambler? Or maybe you are preparing for a trip to the gambling capital of the US, Las Vegas? Either way, you likely want to spend a little time upping your game before you go. The good news is that there are several gambling podcasts you can listen to that will help you upgrade how you play.

Ready to discover the 10 best gambling podcasts you should listen to? Then, keep reading as we dive into the best ones available.

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The 10 Best Gambling Podcasts

1. All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

Our number one pick is best suited for those who want to make a career out of gambling. Run by industry veterans, this podcast will make you laugh and cry while also teaching you how to make gambling your profession.

We will say that this podcast tends to focus on the game of poker, where most professional gamblers spend the bulk of their time, but if you are interested in a different game, a different podcast might suit you better.

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2. Sports Gambling Podcast

Sports betting has become all the rage in the last few years, and is one of the many types of gambling they offer within the city of Las Vegas as well as in various states across the US. The Sports Gambling Podcast or SGB for short has actually called every NFL game since 2011, making them an excellent podcast to follow for advice on betting the NFL.

Additionally, they don’t just cover American football but several other sports as well, such as NBA and golf. They also have shows about fantasy sports.

3. Against All Odds with Cousin Sal

If you love Jimmy Kimmel’s hosting style, then you have to check out Against All Odds with Cousin Sal. Known for his humor and fun explanations, Sal Iacono is the host of this gambling podcast, which covers almost every sport you can dream up. Whether you like the NFL, NBA, NHL, or UFC, he’s got you covered with an in-depth odds analysis.

Professional gamblers will also love this podcast as Sal frequently hosts guests who offer up all the dirty secrets about their lives, which might seem perfect on screen but are something else entirely behind the scenes.

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4. King of Kino

Looking to win regularly at Kino? Or maybe you want to win your state lottery. Either way, the King of Kino podcast can give you the best tips and tricks for bettering your chances at games of chance. Because he only covers games of chance, this podcast should be considered with a grain of salt and not used as official gambling advice.

While we love this podcast, and there are several episodes to get you started, they haven’t released any new episodes since 2023, so at some point, you’ll probably need to check out a different podcast!

5. Good Bettor Bets

Good Bettor Bets is a podcast that focuses all about odds, how they are decided, and when they may be in your favor. This show frequently has high ratings, but we know that they use more technical language. Thus, we only recommend it to those who have been in the industry for a while. If you are looking to brush up before a Vegas trip, then you’ll want to pick a different podcast.

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6. Game On

Do you want to learn more about the regulatory side of gambling? Then check out the Game On podcast, which regularly discusses all the regulations and legalities in the industry. While this podcast won’t really help those looking to better their skills or up the ante, it is an invaluable resource for those looking to open a business within the gaming industry.

Plus, this is one of the few gambling podcasts that covers gaming news, making it an excellent show to follow consistently.

7. Crap Vegas: A Gambling Podcast

Those searching out this list in preparation for their pending Las Vegas vacation should look no further than Crap Vegas: A Gambling Podcast. The show is hosted by Chris and Josh, two Las Vegas locals who can provide invaluable insight that you can use on your future trip. They also include lots of recommendations in their show for Sin City, ensuring you can make your trip the best it can be!

8. Gambling With an Edge

Gambling With an Edge is a podcast run by professional gamblers who offer up all of their strategies for learning to play a winning game. While you probably won’t get rich quick from listening to this podcast, they will teach you a lot of attitudes and techniques which will better your game over time.

While the show has been on pause for a few months, there are 262 episodes, ensuring that you will get all the knowledge you need in no time at all.

9. You Can Bet On That

You Can Bet On That is an excellent and well-rounded gambling podcast that covers gambling in its entirety. Whether you want to learn to bet on sports or play table games, they have you covered.

Not only that, but this podcast also offers advice for visiting several gambling cities across the nation, meaning you can get tips for everything from Las Vegas to Atlantic City. Currently, there are 314 episodes, and they are still making more, so start listening today to improve your game!

10. Vegas Confessions Podcast

Last but certainly not least is the Vegas Confessions Podcast, which, although it probably isn’t a good resource for bettering your game, can teach you what not to do on your next Vegas trip. With gambling tips from casino managers, CEOs, and more, this podcast is fun to listen to and will increase your gambling knowledge in a roundabout way—just be ready to hear about some serious blunders!

Overall, no matter what podcast you pick from this list, you are bound to learn something new about gambling, so start listening today!

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