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Top 5 ICOs From CoinAgenda Pitch Conference

As the cryptocurrency markets heat up and gain momentum, new conferences and industry events are sprouting up around the world attracting those in the newest tech circles. One of the premier conference series connecting blockchain and cryptocurrency investors is CoinAgenda.

Recently, CoinAgenda held its event in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where it brought over 50 ICOs (initial coin offering) to the stage in an ICO Pitch contest. The first place winner was awarded a complimentary booth, and full conference passes to CoinAgenda’s next event this summer, along with passes to various other ICO events taking place this year.

The CoinAgenda Caribbean brought together blockchain industry leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to collaborate and share their ideas on the next waves in the crypto markets. Puerto Rico served as a great location as more than 100 entrepreneurs have moved to Puerto Rico in the past several months for its unique tax incentives and friendly business climate.

CoinAgenda announced five winners for its ICO Pitch contest to round out the conference. Here are some quick details on each of the winning projects:



Siglo is a blockchain project focused on solving the mobile connectivity issues in emerging markets. 73% of the world uses prepaid wireless to stay connected, which means their connectivity is inconsistent and more expensive, so they aren’t participating at the same level or rate online. At the same time, brands spend massive amounts of money on online marketing efforts.

Siglo is a protocol that essentially builds an ecosystem of dapps (similar to the Ethereum blockchain that allows decentralized applications to be built on its native blockchain) to exist and leverage the billions of dollars from brands to get people more connectivity. This addresses a major issue in emerging markets where users would be able to accumulate value in tokens that they can exchange for mobile access and connection.

The three parties are the user, brand and mobile carrier. The user shares their engagement, data or opinions in a survey with a brand and is incentivized by that brand with the ecosystem’s token. The user can then take that token to the mobile carrier and trade it for mobile access.

The first app to use the protocol from day one is called, currently operating in Latin America with a million registered users who earn reward coins and spend them on airtime top-ups and other digital or offline products. Most of these users have never had a traditional bank account or performed a mobile financial transaction before After extensive testing and build-out of the protocol, Siglo will be opened for other apps to use, with the purchase of a small stake of Siglo tokens.


Monetizr is a blockchain-based platform for in-game economies. Their game reward engine can universally integrate with games and reward gamers with Monetizr tokens (MTZ) for their time and skill within the game.

The objective of the Monetizr rewards is to increase play time and engagement, which leads to more in-app purchases and advertising revenue for brands. Gamers can use the tokens as well to make game-related purchases.

The Monetizr token (MTZ) serves as a smart, decentralized and universal game currency, which works in the following way:

  1. Developers increase engagement: Developers reward gamers with MTZ to increase game engagement, play time and revenue. Developers use the untapped power devices to mine cryptocurrencies, creating a new revenue stream.
  2. Gamers earn MTZ: Gamers earn MTZ by playing the games they love. MTZ are collected in MTZ wallets. Gamers earn additional MTZ for allowing cryptocurrency mining on their devices.
  3. Brands sponsor rewards: Brands sponsor tokens and rewards for gamers. In exchange, brands get exposure to highly targeted audiences that are based on gamer interests, location, and behavior.
  4. Gamers get the real value: Gamers use MTZ to purchase physical goods, services or exchange to other cryptocurrencies.

Their security token offering is scheduled to commence during Q2 2018.

Vertalo Sezc

Vertalo is a platform that helps users certify their academic and professional work or accomplishments using the blockchain to provide trustworthy backgrounds and work history. The objective behind the Vertalo platform is to give organizations and users access to more opportunities for employment, education or credit.

Under this platform, job seekers would be able to prove their work histories to any hiring company, credit bureau or background check service through authenticated credentials and work stints. Organizations would be able to verify any employees, contractors or freelancers before hiring or bringing them on. Parties can also provide objective references through standardized certifications, without the complexity of HR platforms. Participants in the network are also able to certify each other to build their relationship on the platform.

Vertalo is set to launch their new platform that certifies job stints using the blockchain starting this year. The process seems pretty straightforward:

  1. Add your professional history on the secured platform
  2. Certify your academic and work history
  3. Prove yourself and get access to opportunities

AI Chain

AI Chain aims to provide a sophisticated AI application with the common blockchain platform. The objective is to allow the data resourcer, the application developer, the operation platform, and the user to use their resources and applications, leading to more safer AI applications.

Data owners in the AI Chain ecosystem are encouraged to share their data under ownership protection. Application developers will, in turn, have more data to create more valuable applications to suit the wants and needs of the market.

AIT is the token or digital asset that supports the blockchain ecosystem and serves as a medium of exchange on the AI Chain platform. The AIT token allows anyone in the world to exchange AI services, and it encourages more people to get involved with the development of AI applications, while also supporting multiple virtual currency exchange methods.


InFinance is a financial infrastructure ICO focused on developing a blockchain protocol to service advisory services within the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. With all the mania surrounding cryptocurrencies, many people turn to convenient social media channels like YouTube or Twitter for their cryptocurrency investing or trading advice.

That lends itself to many problems with ICO scams and pump and dump schemes. Traditional managed money has parameters set by regulatory agencies like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and that’s the type of financial management that’s lacking in the crypto markets today.

The project was born out of a clear need for accountable advice in the cryptocurrency space. There isn’t a fully integrated platform for this, and the immutable nature of the blockchain is ideal for the accounting and administration of advisor fees that need to be recorded.

On the platform that’s currently in beta, users can sign up to see what it’s like having their crypto management portfolio. Crypto advisors will be ranked by their performance, longevity, and ratings on the platform, and be eligible for an allocation of their portfolio’s returns. Investors will be able to transparently review each advisor’s performance before allocating funds to their account portfolio.

Final thoughts

As the blockchain industry continues to heat up, more and more startups are forming and using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to bring unique solutions to market. CoinAgenda Carribean saw over 50 startups compete, and there are many more that are trying to kick the doors down and be the next big thing in blockchain.

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