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What is Impervious AI?

Are you tired of being a product whenever you use a web browser or messaging app? Whether you realize it or not, every time you use these apps, you, and your data, are for sale. That is how these apps are able to remain “free” for users.

If the thought of your data constantly being monitored and sold bothers you, then it’s time for you to take a look at a new web browser and messaging technology known as Impervious AI.

Read on to learn all about Impervious AI and if it is the right option for you to use for browsing and messaging.

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What is Impervious AI?

Impervious is the name of a new internet browser which is built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. The browser uses the blockchain for verification and action execution purposes.

The browser is decentralized, meaning that it isn’t owned by anyone. It was made and is maintained by the Impervious AI company, but any software coder can build upon it to make their own application. All data is transmitted privately, meaning no one can steal your information. This app does not allow for any type of data surveillance as all messaging and transactions are end to end encrypted.

Because Impervious isn’t owned or monitored by anyone, it is completely censorship free, unlike Google and Safari. It is also an encrypted messaging platform, allowing you to send messages privately to other users without having to worry about an intermediary.

You can run your video calls, share documents, and use collaborated workspaces, all without giving up your privacy or data to large companies. Currently you can only download Impervious for your MacOS or Linux computer, but in the future, it will be available for Windows computers as well.

How Does Impervious AI Work?

The Impervious browser is built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. As most people know, until now, developers have avoided building on Bitcoin because of how long it takes to process transactions. As a remedy to this, Impervious uses a layer 2 solution called the Lightning Network in order to process transactions.

This way, you don’t have to wait 30 minutes when you click a button or send a message. Instead, all your message transactions will be processed almost instantly and then submitted to the blockchain at a later time as a single transaction. This keeps the fees for the transactions low.

The users will pay for each transaction with a small amount of Bitcoin, just as you currently have to pay a fee to use Zoom or other messaging platforms. Unfortunately, it won’t be completely free, but when you estimate how much of your data is stolen by large app companies, it is worth it to pay a little money for your privacy.

Software developers who are interested in finding out more information about the software behind Impervious can head to the brand’s Github page where many of the individual components of the software are available for review.

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Who Invented Impervious?

The CEO of Impervious is Chase Perkins, who has long been involved in the world of data privacy and security. When he saw how much large corporations were profiting off of user’s data, he knew that he needed to invent a new browser that wouldn’t stoop so low. Which is why he started the Impervious project 6 months ago.

He is backed by Mark Stites, his CTO, and Mark Clayton, who is the head of engineering the project.

Is Impervious Safe?

After taking a look at the Impervious product, we do believe that it is safe to download it from the internet. While it is always a good practice to do your own due diligence before downloading, it appears as if this is a legitimate app.

Impervious is very open about their team, even providing LinkedIn pages for each team member on their website. They also are very open about their progress and process and offer you an opportunity to contact them with questions.

Additionally, this is an app you pay to use, not to download, meaning there is no up-front cost and the company in genuinely interested in having you continue to use the app—meaning they wouldn’t put out an app that isn’t real or working because users would delete the app and they wouldn’t make any money.

As for the safety of individual applications built on the base layer, this is something that you will need to decide for yourself before using that particular application.

That being said, this is still a new project, having just launched in October 2022. Therefore, there may be some small bugs, as well as a learning curve when you first start out using it. Not to mention that Impervious is based on the idea that developers will build on top of it like they do Ethereum. This means that there will be a bit of a slow period until developers manage to develop products on the platform that you wish to use.

Like most new programs, there is also a low user base, so if you want your company to get on board you will have to guide them through the process. We wish there was a windows version available, but at this time you can only urge MacOS users to adopt and tell Windows users to standby.

But all in all, Impervious has finally done the unthinkable and made Bitcoin into something that can be built on similar to Ethereum, and that is amazing.

Overall, Impervious is an amazing project that the cryptocurrency industry needs. While it is still new and there are likely some kinks, we are excited to see how it develops. We can’t guarantee this project is perfect, but we certainly hope that it is and think that it is worth at least downloading for a try out!

Follow Impervious on Twitter or read their Newsletter to keep up to date on new releases and updates to the project.

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