Frequently Asked Questions

A simple example: The site's bankroll is 90 BTC. You invest 10 BTC, bringing the total bankroll up to 100 BTC. A player bets 1 BTC and loses. The total bankroll is now 101 BTC. You withdraw your Bitcoin investment, and get 10.1 BTC. The site's bankroll is now 90.9 BTC.

Investing in online casinos is inherently risky and subject to loss even for extended periods of time.

While MintDice cannot provide cryptocurrency investment advice, we do suggest you only invest what you are willing to lose!

In order to invest, go to your investment account settings, enter the amount you would like to invest or divest and then click the appropriate button.

Investment Account

For more detailed information on how investing in MintDice works, please take a look at our free MintDice investing guide.

MintDice currently charges 50% commission on the online casino house edge to all incoming bets. For example, if an incoming Bitcoin dice bet is 1 BTC and the house edge is 1%, the expected value profit of the bet is 0.01 BTC. The MintDice house will absorb 0.005 BTC from the crowdfunded Bitcoin investment bankroll for the bet that was placed. Meanwhile the outcome of the 1 BTC bet, win or lose, is then transferred onto the online casino investment bankroll.

The casino house bankroll is tied to the Bitcoin Dice Game, Bitcoin Slots, Plinko Game and Bit.Rocket Bitcoin Crash Game. These games have a 1%, 2%, 2% and 1% total house edge respectively. However, due to house commission, the effective cryptocurrency casino edge for the investor is 0.5%, 1%, 1% and 0.5% respectively.

Estimating profit from these statistics then becomes relatively easy with guesstimations from betting turnover and your percentage of the casino house bankroll. This will require a set of assumptions. Let's assume the following hypothetical example:
You have 100 BTC invested and others have 900 BTC invested for a total house bankroll of 1,000 BTC giving you 10% of the house bankroll.
Then you estimate there to be 10,000 BTC gambled per year on MintDice. Every game is played perfectly equally leading to a 0.75% house edge effective. This means that 75 BTC is expected to be earned by MintDice for investors this year.

Knowing that you control 10% of the house bankroll in the above example, you would have 107.5 BTC, on average, at the end of the year for a 7.5% return on your Bitcoin. Not a bad way to earn interest on Bitcoin!

Keep in mind, again, that the above is strictly an example. You will have to plug in your own numbers and arrive at your own conclusions. If you control a part of the bankroll you may want to consider helping to support MintDice's marketing efforts to increase your own bottom line. You may also wish to use MintDice's cryptocurrency affiliate program to generate even more revenue while you advertise. Win/win for you :)


We use a 1% Kelly Criterion on the base house edge. This means that if there is 100 BTC in the house bankroll, the most profit that can be won on Dice or Bit.Rocket is 1 BTC (1%) and 2 BTC for Slots or Plinko (2%). This system dynamically adjusts automatically. For example, if a player wins 1 BTC from a 100 BTC bankroll, the bankroll becomes 99 BTC and the biggest win now is only 0.99 BTC. So it self-corrects to ideally not allow itself to combust which will help shield investors from loss.

Reality may be different and the bankroll can swing wildly because of whales (big gamblers). If a big enough whale or whale(s) come in to MintDice at various times during the year, their impact on the investors' bottom line can be large and make the majority of the result of profit that they may receive for the year because their bets are so significant relative to smaller betting that normally takes place.

Ultimately, it is important to pay attention to the expected value (EV) of bets placed and to draw your assumptions from there. Whales may win or lose more or less than expected but if you play by the numbers of math, things will work out in the ways you expect them to over a long enough sample size.

No, definitely not. The investment model we use is completely different from either of those. Our casino investment model takes the outcome of bets placed by gamblers and transfers these outcomes onto investors. Since the house is more likely to win over time, investors are more likely to win over time. Larger individual deposits allow individual investors to control a larger portion of the house bankroll which means more profits for the individual user. They also allow for greater max profit bets for gamblers, which gamblers love. However, in no part of our investment business model do we require more "investments" over time to function, which is fundamentally different than a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

You are allowed to invest/divest your money into and out of the house bankroll for any length of time and for any amount, so long as the minimum thresholds are met. This is also substantially different than Pyramid or Ponzi schemes.

A Ponzi scheme would suggest we pay investors with other people's deposits, we are not doing this.

A Pyramid scheme would suggest we pay investors based on the recruitment of other investors. This is not our investment model.

All bankrolls are segregated. That means if you are playing or investing with ETH you will be working with the ETH bankroll exclusively and not against all coins.