Frequently Asked Questions

MintDIce's Bit.Rocket Bitcoin Crash Game is a social online game of both luck and skill. You begin the game placing a bet and maximum payout and then watch as the multiplier increases. You can cash out at any time to score a nice profit, but if you cash out too late, a randomly determined event, you will lose your entire bet.

The Payout field represents the highest multiplier you are willing to accept before you are automatically cashed out. Payout automatically defaults to 2x but you may change this before the start of any new round.

Bit Rocket Payout

As seen in the screen above, you are welcome to cash out at any time before 2x, but if the rocket makes it past 2x you will be forced to cash out.

Set your Payout variable to a higher number if you don't want this to happen to you as often. However, you can only set your Payout as high as a maximum profit will allow for relative to your bet size.

An individual can bet up to 1% of the house bankroll any given turn and any one account can win up to 1% of the house bankroll per round before the server will automatically end the game and cash out you for those winnings. Up to 5% of the house bankroll for any cryptocurrency can be at risk any given round between multiple people playing before no further action will be accepted for that round. Up to 5% of the bankroll can be won across multiple MintDice accounts in a single round before every account is forced to cash out simultaneously ending any particular round of BitRocket.

Separately, BitRocket's multiplier has no limit. It can go on forever, it just becomes a less likely event with each added multiplier. Realistically, if the multiplier goes high enough, it will eventually force any remaining players to cash out for the maximum profit restrictions stated above and the game will eventually end.

BitRocket is only a skill game if multiple players are playing. If you are playing BitRocket as a single player, it is not possible to overcome the house edge. This is because 1% of games will instant bust (0x) and no bonuses will be awarded. However, all other games have a bonus pool equal to 1% of the amount wagered per player. BitRocket with multiple players does require skill due to the bonuses awarded, which are explained below.

The rules for the bonus cryptocurrency structure payouts are listed as follows: 1% of every player's bet is put into a bonus pool. If there are 4 players, each betting 400, 300, 200 and 100 respectively, creating a total bet of 1000 satoshis, there will be 10 satoshis in the bonus pot.

If the biggest player wins, they get the whole bonus pot. The site always works out the rate they would be getting if they had won. For example, a 400 satoshi bet that gives 10 satoshi bonus, or a 1/40th bonus per satoshi, becomes the rate for that game. MintDice then applies the same rate to whoever actually wins.

Another example:

If the 100 satoshi player wins, they get 1/40th of 100, or 2.5 satoshis. That leaves 7.5 satoshis in the pot, which goes to the next best placing player(s). If the 200 satoshi player comes 2nd. They are due 1/40th of 200, or 5 satoshis. There are still 7.5 satoshis in the pot, so they will get the full 5 satoshis - the same result as if they had come in 1st place. And finally, if the 300 satoshi player comes 3rd they are due 7.5 satoshis (300/40), but there are only 2.5 satoshi left in the pot, so they win the remainder of the pot and that's it. There's no bonus left for any remaining players.

Bottom line: The more you bet, the better chance you have at taking the entire bonus pot.

If you are the last person holding and the game is still running, cash out immediately to secure the bonus crypto win. However, realize that if another player is playing by the same strategy as you waiting to be the last person left, you both will hold indefinitely, never cash out and both lose.

Meanwhile, if you are in very aggressive games and you cash out early, you may win many bonuses while others fight against each other. Realistically, it's probably best to have a mixed strategy to keep your opponents guessing about you. However, the best ultimate strategy and playing style is up to you.

For more detailed strategy, please take a look at our free BitRocket strategy guide.

If you disconnect during a bitrocket round, bitrocket will continue as is. This means you will not be cashed out, and if you are unable to reconnect, you will not be able to cashout. With a stable internet connection, this generally is not a concern.

Set the auto cash out feature (labeled as Payout) to a multiplier you are comfortable with if you are on unreliable internet as a safety precaution. With the payout set, you will still be cashed out at your set multiplier regardless of your connection status.

The MintDice autobetting feature on all games is allowed and encouraged! Outside botting APIs are also welcome to help you with your betting strategies. However, any skill based bot exploiting Bitcoin gamers targeting BitRocket is expressly forbidden. Use of such forbidden bots will lead to immediate account termination and forfeiture of funds. This is done to create a fair environment for all MintDice players.