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Upcoming Major Sports Events to Bet On(2024)

Upcoming Major Sports Events to Bet On in Summer 2024

Each year there are several major sports events which draw crowds from around the world. Some of these events are more well-known than others. No matter what your favorite sport is, there’s probably an event on this list that will suit your fancy.

Below are all the major upcoming sports events for 2024 and the very beginning of the 2025 season. Keep reading to learn which ones offer bets and the types of bets you can place!

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June 13-16: US Open

The US Open is the final national event for professional golf players. The event this year is taking place in Pinehurst, North Carolina. During the US Open, 156 qualifying players play several rounds of golf. After the first 36 holes are played, half of the initial qualifying players are cut, and only half play the remaining 36 holes.

After the final 36 holes have been played, the player with the lowest score is declared the winner and considered to be a US golf champion. Some of the bets you can place on the sport of golf include the following:

·      Overall event winner

·      Prop bets for a specific well-known player

·      Nationality bet (what nationality the winning player will be)

·      Three ball bets

·      Futures

·      And more!

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June 14-July 13: Copa America

The Copa America is one of the final events in the sport of soccer, and this event is for the western hemisphere, specifically north and south America. While the event has multiple locations, all of them are within the USA. The winner of these games will go on to play the winner of the Euro 2024 cup in the CONMENBOL-UEFA Cup of Champions, which we will discuss below.

Because there are so many teams competing, several events will take place at the same time at different venues. The first stage is a group stage, where teams compete for points to advance to the knockout stage. During the knockout stage, non-winning teams are eliminated until there are only two teams remaining. The final two teams will play each other for the title.

Some bets you can place on soccer include:

·      Who the final winning team will be of the entire tournament

·      On the winner of each individual match

·      Over/under bets on the goal count

·      Futures

·      Player prop bets

·      And more!

June 14-July 14: Euro 2024

While the American countries are battling it out on the soccer field, the European soccer teams are doing the same in the Euro 2024, which is the final event in soccer. This year, the games are happening in Germany at a variety of locations.

The first portion of the games is similar to Copa America and runs on a group stage, with winning teams gaining points. The knockout round commences on June 29th, and after that point, only winning teams will continue to compete.

While all events will take place in Germany, there will be events in a variety of cities within the country, some occurring on the same dates. The bets which can be placed on Euro 2024 are as follows:

·      Who the final winning team will be of the entire tournament

·      On the winner of each individual match

·      Over/under bets on the goal count

·      Futures

·      Player prop bets

·      And more!

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June 6-June 23: NBA Finals

Basketball fans are probably already aware, but the NBA finals are well underway. Like many of the other finals on this list, there are multiple games, and therefore multiple locations. All of the locations, however, are within the USA and Canada.

The NBA Playoffs operate as an elimination tournament, meaning that teams play, and the loser leaves the event while the winner continues on the next level. Then, the two teams remaining at the end play the finals, until one team has 4 winning games. This means the event could end earlier than the scheduled June 23rd game. This year’s NBA finalists are the Boston Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks. The Celtics are currently winning with 2 games won of 2 played.

Some of the bets you can place on the NBA finals include:

·      Overall winner of the finals

·      How many games will be played in the finals

·      Over/Under bets of the scores for a particular game

·      Prop bets for popular players

·      And more!

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June 8-June 24: Stanley Cup Finals

Like the NBA finals, the Stanley Cup finals are well underway. The exact number of events does vary however, because it will end once one team has won 4 games. Currently the Florida Panthers have won 2 of 2 games, meaning there could be as little as 2 games remaining for this event.

Because there are so many games, and both teams have to be given the option to play on home ice, the events are rotating between Rogers Place in Edmonton, Canada, and Amerant Bank Arena in Sunrise, Florida.

Some of the bets you can place on the Stanley Cup Final are as follows:

·      Moneyline

·      Total points won per team or combined total

·      Player prop bets

·      Parlay bets

·      Over/Under score bets by team

·      And more!

June 29-July 21: Tour De France

The Tour De France is the final event in the professional cycling circuit, and, as the name implies, it always takes place within the country of France. Cyclists participating in this event will ride a number of routes passing through 3,500km of cities and the French countryside in the coming days.

The Tour De France is a unique final sports event as there are multiple winners. There are winners for each event, as well as for various classifications along the way. There is also an overall winner who has the lowest cumulative time at the end of all of the races.

Some of the classifications include, points, mountains, and young rider, with cyclists winning points in the various categories. Some things you can bet on for the Tour De France are as follows:

·      The overall winner of all the entire Tour De France

·      The winner of a particular stage

·      Prop bets on certain well-known cyclists

·      Over/under bets placed on race stats

·      And more!

We hope that this guide has helped you to find some exciting sports events to bet on this summer. Head on over to the MintDice sportsbook to take a look at odds that may be available in the coming months!

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