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Why Did Twitter Change to X?

Whether or not you are an avid social media user, you likely noticed recently that the famous platform Twitter underwent a major overhaul. It is now simply called X, and it no longer has the blue symbol with the bird it was once known for.

But why did Twitter change its look? And what does it mean for users? Read on to find out more.

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Why Did Twitter Change?

To answer this question, we have to dive a little bit into the history of Twitter. When Twitter first began, it was a platform where the only thing it could do was allow people to post 140-character messages. This text-only method of communication was similar to birds conversing, which is why they were called tweets, and the platform was named Twitter.

Over the years, the platform has evolved. Now users can post videos, long-form content, and photos. As a result, it is no longer just Twitter between birds but rather a full-blown social media platform.

While this initially wasn’t enough to warrant the name change, Twitter also changed hands in 2022, and it is now owned by Elon Musk. The change of hands caused a bit of bad press around the site Twitter, as did the fact that former President Trump was accused of causing a riot because of his postings on the platform. He was subsequently banned, which brought up the question of free speech on Twitter.

Elon Musk bought the platform to ensure that it stayed a platform where people were allowed to speak their minds, but he found the previous name of the platform was dragging down its popularity. This led to him changing the name to Platform X.

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What Does This Mean for Users?

Well, initially, it means very little. You might just be surprised to see emails coming from Twitter labeled X in your inbox. But this change is the first of many which will be coming to the platform in the coming years.

Elon wants to expand Twitter (X) to make it into a super-app, like the Chinese equivalent app, WeChat. The name change is just the first step to transforming the app into something which can expand to include additional capabilities.

But for now, you don’t need to panic, as this change means very little in the immediate future, just keep an eye out for new features and functions on the site/app.

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Is Twitter/X Expansion a Good Thing?

Many users who were in love with the classic Twitter app aren’t sure if the expansion is a good thing, and to be honest, we aren’t either. While we love a site that promotes free speech and adds additional capabilities, it seems a little weird that all of this is in the hands of one man.

This brings us back to WeChat, which is Musk’s goal. While WeChat is highly profitable and provides several services in Asian countries, the app is highly tracked and monitored by governments (namely in China), and it is the opposite of free speech. WeChat has a payment platform even, and there have been rumors that funds have disappeared from users' accounts due to government orders (the government has also added money…so it’s a bit of a grey area in terms of users being mad).

Either way, an app with the same amount of capabilities as WeChat in Asia would open the door to even more government supervision and monitoring than already exists in the US, with Elon Musk at the head of it all, making decisions for millions of users.

While Elon may be trustworthy now, no one knows what the future could bring or what may change in his opinions to do something nefarious on the platform that could harm users.

As a result, we aren’t sure if the expansion of Twitter is a good thing, but we also can’t say for sure that it isn’t. It is something we, as a society, are the guinea pigs of and we will have to see how it turns out.

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Why X?

X may seem like a weird name for an app, and we agree. But Musk has long intertwined large portions of his endeavors with the letter X. From SpaceX to the Tesla Model X, it's clear to see he like the letter X.

Although he hasn’t officially said so, we believe it has something to do with math. In school, you were likely taught to solve problems in Algebra that contained the letter X. As a kid, you might have asked your teacher what X was and received a response that made you roll your eyes.

It was probably something along the lines of “X can be anything. It’s a variable that is just holding the place for now until we put something else there.”

We think nothing is truer than this sentence, as Elon likely uses X because it can be used to represent anything. It can also be a variable or replaced with something else in the future. Even if you think the name X is dumb, you have to admit that the thought behind it is pretty genius.

The weird thing is, Elon Musk actually bought six years ago, almost four years before he would even consider purchasing Twitter for the first time. This means that he’s always liked the letter and been prepared to change multiple products to before one of those products was a social media platform.

Is Elon Musk Selling Twitter?

When Elon first bought Twitter, many thought he would sell it right away, and there are rumors that he entertained several buyers before ultimately keeping it. But, regardless of what happened in the past, analysts think Elon has now taken the stance that he will keep the platform, and the name change solidifies their theories.

Why? Well, if it was hard to sell Twitter before, now it’s going to be even harder with a weird name like X. Not to mention that Elon has already rebranded the platform with his signature silver X.

But either way, this is a developing story, and we will just have to sit by and wait to see what Elon does next.

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