Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and Yes!

What does that mean?

MintDice has one of the highest paying free Bitcoin faucets in the Bitcoin casino gambling world today. This is a free cryptocurrency rewards system that gives you real cryptocurrency as a reward for filling out a captcha. Fill out the captcha, get some cash-cha (bad pun, but you get the gist). This is real cryptocurrency that you can use anywhere on MintDice.

Unlike other websites, if you earn or win enough money on MintDice from the faucet, you are welcome to cash out your faucet money from MintDice! You do not need make a deposit if you don't want to. Please do read the Bitcoin Chat Room Rules before play to fully understand the house rules.

You can also obtain play money, also known as Federal Reserve Dollars (FRD) through the faucet, and just play the games with no real money on the line for a stress free gaming experience. You choose!

Find the faucet on the navigation bar, it should look something like this:

Crypto Faucet

Faucet Payout Amounts Listed Below:


๐Ÿ’ฒ Coin ๐Ÿ’ฒ ๐Ÿšฐ Faucet Payout ๐Ÿšฐ
Mini Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC)

Miniethereum Ethereum (ETH)

Federal Reserve Dollar (FRD) - Play Money

The faucet is limited at the full discretion of MintDice.


โš ๏ธ Disclaimer: Any abuse of the faucet system may lead to forfeiture of faucet derived funds or termination of your account at the sole discretion of MintDice. Use the faucet to enjoy MintDice and gain some free rewards but do not grossly over exploit it's generosity. Thank you.

No, all bets are final.

All of MintDice's cryptocurrency casino games run on a very low house edge which is great for MintDice players. Secondly, all games and bets made on MintDice are 100% Provably Fair meaning you are guaranteed to have had a fair game. Furthermore, with all of MintDice's games you are winning or losing cryptocurrency to/from MintDice's Casino Investors, not from MintDice itself, making refunds virtually impossible.

Therefore, as a consequence of MintDice's multifaceted generosity, offering refunds would be extremely impractical. So please be extremely careful when placing any and all bets.

Provably Fair technology is the gold standard of the online gambling industry and is exclusively what we use on MintDice. It combines two pieces of information together, a server seed (which you'll know beforehand) and a client seed which is automatically created for you, but you are welcome to use any values that you wish to use (so long as it hasn't been used before). Between the server seed, your client seed and a nonce (the number of bets created with this seed pair), we can generate a provably fair bet value for all of our games.

To verify any seed used, you will need to first create a client seed which can be generated for you randomly or you can generate one yourself. This action will reveal the previous server seed secret which you can then retroactively verify all results with. You can do this on our website via the Bet Lookup, but you don't have to trust us! You can also verify this independently with the following actions:

1. First go to an online SHA512 generator, such as the one provided and then copy and paste the server seed immediately followed by the client seed (no spacing) to receive the SHA512 hash.

2. Convert the first five characters of the string you generated from Hexadecimal to Decimal to receive a string of six numbers.

3. The last four numbers will represent your betting result. If there are more than five numbers, this step is skipped and the next four characters from the Hexadecimal string are used.

Yes, always. The MintDice autobetting feature on all games is allowed and encouraged! Outside botting APIs are also welcome to help you with your betting strategies.

The MintDice autobetting feature on all games is allowed and encouraged! Outside botting APIs are also welcome to help you with your betting strategies. However, any skill based bot exploiting Bitcoin gamers targeting any Online Social Games is expressly forbidden. Use of such forbidden bots will lead to immediate casino account termination and forfeiture of funds. This is done to create a fair environment for all MintDice players.

Yes. You will find a shortcuts button underneath all of the MintDice games as noted in the picture below:


If you click on the shortcuts button, you will be prompted with the shortcut options available and activation of this feature:


We have tried our best to provide a very high quality sound experience for all of our users. But we also realize it's not for everyone and have made it customizable for the best possible gaming experience.

Beneath the gaming panel you will see the sound settings as displayed in this picture:

Music Sound1

Toggle the "Music On" button to adjust music settings. It will change like this:

Music Sound2

MintDice also has a built in volume control so you can sync your music and sounds appropriately to your machine.

Music Sound3